For Victims of Violence in Canada

This is an article I wrote for Victims of Violence Canada. It details my thoughts on Rehtaeh's case and how our family was left with many unanswered questions. We believe that is one of the biggest problems of all. Why are we left wondering? Why are [...]

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How to Not Get Raped

While researching an article about victim blaming I found this priceless gem. It seems perfect given I found three separate cases like Rehtaeh's with three statements about how the victim only called it rape once the photo got out. #jadapose // #OpJu [...]

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I’d like you to comment on Bill C-13

[su_quote]I'd like you to comment on Bill C-13, which is is using the pretext of cyberbullying to RAPE MILLIONS OF ORDINARY CITIZENS in this country on a scale unseen even in Stasi controlled East Germany. ~ Chris[/su_quote] 1984 Hi Chris and thank [...]

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Interview on Bill C-13 – 570 News

Radio interview on the 570 News regarding my stance on Bill C-13. "The father of Rehtaeh Parsons maintains that had changes been made to Bill C-13, it could have saved his daughters life. He appeared before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on [...]

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Together We Can: Men Speak Out on Violence Against Women

Upcoming Event: Together We Can: Men Speak Out on Violence Against Women What can boys and men do about violence against women? Glen Canning, Rehtaeh Parsons’ father, will help answer this question at our upcoming speaker series event. Join us for th [...]

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Woman Calls Childhood Rapist

A California woman has posted a YouTube video of a confrontation with a woman she says sexually abused her nearly 16 years ago. "Why did you do that," Jamie Carrillo, 28, of Victorville, asked her alleged abuser during a secretly recorded phone conve [...]

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“Stop Hating Online” TV Ad

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to speak to hundreds students at Fairview Junior High School in Halifax. I was invited by Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay to help introduce the new national campaign that emphasizes the legal consequences [...]

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The Right Legislation at the Right Time

It was hard for us to believe. The sharing of a humiliating image of our daughter Rehtaeh, taken without her knowledge, was not a police matter. We were told it was a community issue, not a legal one. A 'community issue' is lingo for there's nothing [...]

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