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Before and After #MeToo in #Canada

A recent survey by Statistics Canada conducted on the widespread #MeToo social media movement found that police-reported sexual assaults in Canada increased sharply and attests to the willingness of victims to report to police if they believe there is an environment of support.On a national level, Statistics Canada noted a 13 per cent increase [...]

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A Message to Young Men About False Accusations

There are a lot of things you need to fear growing up. The man down the street or a visiting uncle. Driving home from a game or movie late one night and getting murdered by some drunk. Your leaders sending you to die in a war they could have avoided and would never have had the courage to fight in themselves. The fear of rejection. Most of us [...]

Northlands Victim Blames a Child for Being Sexually Assaulted

Blaming a 13 year old girl for being sexually assaulted by one of your employees on your property while your other employees watched and did nothing as he carry her partially clothed unconscious body to a ditch is unforgivable. What law firm did Northlands hire and how could they possibly think a defence like this would be in their clients int [...]

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Judge Nancy Spies Rules Intoxicated Men Not Responsible For Rape

As if going to court wasn't hard enough for victims, Ontario Superior Court Judge Nancy Spies has ruled intoxication is now a defence for rape. The ruling clears the way for anyone accused of sexual assault to simply say they were to drunk to be guilty. This right on the heels of Nova Scotia Judge Gregory Lenehan's not guilty verdict after a c [...]

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Open Letter to Doug Ford by Rayne Fisher-Quann

Head Organizer Rayne Fisher-Quann's speech at the March for Our Education rally in Toronto, 21 July 2018. Please give her a follow and say thanks - Rayne on Twitter. "Hey everyone!! As some of you know, yesterday was the March for Our Education protest. I can't express enough how incredible of an experience it was for me, and how amazing it [...]

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Voices For Equity Launches 😎🙌

I'm incredibly happy to be part of this important speakers initiative. Conceived by internationally recognized speaker Julie S. Lalonde, Voices for Equity is a collaboration with violence prevention speaker Kevin Vowles. ​ V4E represents speakers with "diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, rich personal narratives and the capacity to conne [...]

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Journalists and Rape Culture

Shortly after Rehtaeh's death, I read an online blog post by Canadian writer Crystal Smith. In her post, titled How I Failed Rehtaeh Parsons, Smith says she was in a park with her son and struck up a conversation with another parent who happened to be a police officer. Seeing as it was a big news story at the time, their discussion turned to Re [...]

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Barry Winters Gets His Day #Edmonton #RehtaehParsons

Some  content may be NSFW. Barry Winters finally got the wish he's had for years. He's finally a famous blogger. Edmonton police said Winters was arrested in connection with the operation of multiple hate-based websites, dating back to 2012. Winters has been writing since at least 2009, although many of his older blog posts have been removed [...]

“You deserve rape” Guy Hit with Comments

Preacher carrying ‘you deserve to be raped’ sign was hit over the head by baseball bat-wielding woman outside a high school in Glendale, Arizona. At the time of the assault the man was using a megaphone to tell students they're going to hell. I'm not going to post his video (he doesn't deserve the views) but RawStory has an article about the i [...]

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#RapeCulture #Autocorrect

A PSA about the language of rape culture and victim blaming from It's On Us. Published on You Tube Mar 28, 2017 Don't ignore the subtext. It's On Us to intervene. Commit to being part of the solution and take the pledge → itsonus.org I shared Rehtaeh's story in Little Current, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, last week. I was also going to talk in [...]

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