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Thank You Australia and New Zealand #RehtaehParsons

Recently, Rehtaeh's movie, No Place to Hide, was shown in Australia and New Zealand. We always know where it's being broadcast because of all the emails and messages we receive. To everyone who has reached out with words of kindness and support [...]

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Access to Information Complaint Against the RCMP #RehtaehParsons

Yesterday morning I filed a complaint with The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for violating Canada's Access to Information Act. Recently, the Globe and Mail posted a story by Robyn Dool [...]

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Barry Winters Gets His Day #Edmonton #RehtaehParsons

Some  content may be NSFW. Barry Winters finally got the wish he's had for years. He's finally a famous blogger. Edmonton police said Winters was arrested in connection with the operation of multiple hate-based websites, dating back to 2012. Wi [...]

Determination #RehtaehParsons

I used to live in this beautiful place near the shore of Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. We had a snow storm in January, 2003 and were stuck until the roads cleared up. For some reason Rae was determined to go to that beach you see way in the background. [...]

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I Never Called Her #suicideawareness = #suicideprevention

I never called my daughter on the day she died. I had always been so proud of how often we talked to each other, but on the day she died I never called. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking about calling her, but I didn't. I went to bed [...]

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Blaming victims of sexual assault has been around since the days of Lot when the biblical hero raped his own children and blamed it on them and alcohol. If you know the story, you'd also know a few days earlier Lot offered his daughters to some [...]

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Advance Harmony by Rehtaeh Parsons

Yesterday I went through Rehtaeh's artwork and collectibles. It was one of those rare times I was able to manage a smile when I looked back over her life. Usually it's just too hard and I hold off for a long time. Every piece has her voice, the [...]

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