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Nightwood Theatre tackles cyberbullying

[blockquote cite="Kelly Thornton - Director" type="left"]Indeed technology is the great colonizer of our time, changing societies so rapidly that its effects are still relatively unknown. In many ways it’s still a wild frontier, and in a sense Cha [...]

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Cyber-Abuse: The Virtual Violent Crime

[dropcap]C[/fusion_dropcap]yber-abusers are solely responsible and accountable for the cruel and heinous devastation they purposely inflict on the lives of their targets. The architects and operators of cyberspace, and the social network systems with [...]

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“Stop Hating Online” TV Ad

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to speak to hundreds students at Fairview Junior High School in Halifax. I was invited by Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay to help introduce the new national campaign that emphasizes the legal consequences [...]

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The Right Legislation at the Right Time

It was hard for us to believe. The sharing of a humiliating image of our daughter Rehtaeh, taken without her knowledge, was not a police matter. We were told it was a community issue, not a legal one. A 'community issue' is lingo for there's nothing [...]

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Cyberbullying legislation to be announced

Welcome news this morning. [box type="shadow" align="alignleft" width="600" ]OTTAWA - The federal government is poised to announce new legislation Wednesday that will make it a crime to distribute intimate images without the consent of the person in [...]

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International Stop Cyberbullying Youth Summit

A lot of people wanted me to teach them (the kids) about cyberbullying. I don’t need to, they know about cyberbullying. What they don’t know about is what they can do to get help and what they can do to help others and how they can stop it. That’s wh [...]

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Raffi Cavoukian’s #lightwebdarkweb

#lightwebdarkweb I knew I was in for an emotional read when I opened the book and stared at the name of the wonderful person it was dedicated to - Amanda Todd. As a parent I thought I was doing something good for my daughter when I allowed her to be [...]

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Government acts on cyberbullying

Distributing "intimate images" without prior consent ought to be illegal and carry a sentence of anywhere from six months to five years, says a new report that was expedited following the suicide of Nova Scotia teen Rehtaeh Parsons in April. The repo [...]

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Red Hood Project

The Red Hood Project is a movement for consumer protection for children online and was founded following the death of Amanda Todd. The Project is bringing to light the dozens of media reports documenting "the increasing victimization of children by b [...]

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