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Breaking News Handbook

The rampant misreporting that follows shootings is so predictable On the Media made up a handy Breaking News Consumer's Handbook. Below are some tips for how, "in the wake of a big, tragic story, you can sort good information from bad." They  even m [...]

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Cyber-hate is no joke

[su_quote cite="Mean Tweet"]No one likes you. Do everyone a favor. Just kill yourself.[/su_quote] [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699"] We never expected that our video ‘Kids Read Mean Tweets’ would gain the momentum that it has! As of today, [...]

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Cyber-Abuse: The Virtual Violent Crime

[dropcap]C[/fusion_dropcap]yber-abusers are solely responsible and accountable for the cruel and heinous devastation they purposely inflict on the lives of their targets. The architects and operators of cyberspace, and the social network systems with [...]

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Raffi Cavoukian’s #lightwebdarkweb

#lightwebdarkweb I knew I was in for an emotional read when I opened the book and stared at the name of the wonderful person it was dedicated to - Amanda Todd. As a parent I thought I was doing something good for my daughter when I allowed her to be [...]

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Most Popular Facebook Photo Ever

As of this writing the most popular Facebook photo of all time has 3,839,534 likes. It's a simple, touching photo, posted to United States President Obama's official Facebook fan page soon after his Electoral College victory became apparent around 11 [...]

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Egypt Protests via Social Media

BBC Network Africa’s Akwasi Sarpong spoke to freelance video journalist, Mohammed Abdul Fatah, who was arrested after being caught up in protests in Egypt’s second city of Alexandria. Much of what is happening in Egypt is being censore [...]

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